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The First Drive-in Concert starring KZ Tandingan and Rico Blanco that drove us CRAZY

February 18, 2021

KZ Tandingan and Rico Blanco headlining the country’s first drive-in concert absolutely drove long time fans and music lovers crazy-- in a good way!

Because of health restrictions, so many concerts and shows have either been cancelled or re-scheduled,and after almost a year of preventive lockdowns, it’s no surprise that concert-goers and music fans have been longing for the rush that only live shows are sure to provide. 

Enter Love Street-- the socially-distanced yet just as enjoyable live concert offering presented by Bonifacio Global High Street and Globe. In what seems like a new frontier for music, KZ and Rico headline the show last February 13 with KZ bringing her star power to the 30th St. Parking lot belting out hits such as Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘drivers license’, Imelda Papin’s ‘Isang Linggong Pag-ibig’, as well as original songs such as ‘Labo’ from her Soul Supremacy album.

In an interview, KZ shared her reaction being part of this concert. "I feel grateful that I was part of the very first drive-in concert in the Ph. I’m happy that despite the situation we’re in, music proves that it connects us regardless of the physical distance ",she added.

Rico, meanwhile, serenaded the parked cars with his soothing and powerful vocals in the iconic ‘Antukin’ and the all-time Filipino favorites ‘Balisong’ and ‘Your Universe’. Surely, everyone in the crowd swooned!