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Slater Young apologizes for remarks in SKYPodcast episode 'Addressing the Issue'

May 16, 2023

By Mikoy Fernandez

In the May 15 episode of the popular SKYPodcast on Spotify by celebrity couple Slater Young and Kryz Uy, Slater apologized for his remark about how it was normal for men who are already in a relationship to fantasize about other women. Slater's remarks (which was a response to a female letter sender from a previous episode who was concerned about her boyfriend fantasizing about other women) drew flak from netizens. 

In the 8-minute episode titled "Addressing the Issue," Slater explained in humbling manner how he regrets what he said and how he said it, citing how him saying it gives the wrong impression that that type of behavior was "okay" and "acceptable."

"Nahihiya ako of the thing's that I've said."

"It took a lot of reading through comments because I wanted to understand why this was the case. Parang feeling ko medyo nasa bubble ako."

"The last thing in my mind and my heart would be to objectify women."

"Yeah it happens, but this isn't okay. We should hold ourselves to a higher standard."

"I truly truly do apologize in my heart of hearts. Hindi talaga ako pro-objectifying women." 

Kryz was very supportive of Slater's apology and newfound realizations, emphasizing how she knows he's not like that (referring to the bad impression that the public may have had about him due to his comments). 

The full episode is available to stream on the SKYPodcast Spotify channel.