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June 18, 2021

Now catering to an international audience from both the Philippines and Indonesia, Filipino actor and singer Leo Consul is the freshest addition to Cornerstone Entertainment’s cadre of talents.

Dashing, debonair Leo Consul charges ablaze into the music scene with his luscious, risqué serenade of a single, “No Puedo”. Get up and get set to groove; This suave hit is coming in flaming-hot and ready to spice up your ordinary dancing sessions into a fiery feat!

Moving abroad in 2011, Leo, born of Ilonggo ang Pangasinense parents, first started as an educator in Indonesia, leaving his rough patch entertainment industry experience in the Philippines. From hosting a travel show in a regional network back in the days, to falling short to the auditions of a talent search program, Leo’s dreams of breaking into the show business were once water under the bridge. Flashforward to years later, he is now a fire fountain ready to blast.


The Making of 'No Puedo'

Leo shoots across horizons and hurtles down to the OPM scene like a bright, flaming arrow from heaven. “Hindi na mapipigil (‘Can’t stop now’)” goes his latest foxy single, standing as an unrivaled paragon for his unstoppable success.

Acquired by Cornerstone Entertainment just early 2021, Leo is right away lined up with the agency’s hottest up-and-coming breed of talents such as TikTok superstar Yukii Takahashi, Joao Constancia, and Krystal Brosas, who are being ignited to be the industry's future fire-starters.

Launching his sultry dance track “No Puedo”, Leo expressed in an interview his uncontainable excitement to showcase his singing versatility and his grooves! Written by Kiko Salazar, and now released under CS Music, “No Puedo” has already become a hit among Leo’s friends in Indonesia—jamming and bopping to it—before it even circulated among Pinoys.

According to Leo, the song was originally written in full Tagalog. But after hearing its Cuban-inspired instrumentals, Leo decided to turn some of the lyrics into Spanish with the help of a friend in Indonesia. Along with this, Leo also proposed that the title of the song be overhauled from the original and initial Tagalog title “Hindi Na Mapipigil” to something with more of an international appeal. And the result? “No Puedo”, a concoction of coquettish cha-cha and rich serenade, oozing with Latino spice and oriental zing.

Being virtually managed by Cornerstone as his talent agency in the Philippines, Leo uses this restraint to juice out his creativity and to push his boundaries on being innovative. In fact, what was supposed to only be a lyric video for his single turned out to be a full-blown music video handled by Leo himself! ¡Qué brillantez!

Juggling with his demanding schedule as an actor in Indonesia, Leo mapped out his own music video shoot, from the concept all the way to styling. And soon enough, his eagerness earned him jewels: Indonesian friends and acquaintances in the industry started offering their services and sponsoring the shoot—from providing wardrobe to booking him a studio! Videographer friends also volunteered to pull it off with him, despite the shoot dates having landed on a national Holiday in Indonesia.

With all that is in his hands right now, Leo stays on the ground, attributing his success to his father who has been there with him since day one. His professionalism, work ethics, and even personal values, Leo ascribes all of them to his Papa—his number one supporter who has always dared him to do greater; who braced with him in his early endeavors to be a star; who now longs to witness him trailblaze here in his own country; his Papa who has always taught him to find his own flame, way from the start.

Words by Gab Torres