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Moira's "Patawad" to Complete Her Trilogy

February 10, 2020

"At sa huling paalam, naintinidhan na sa ating dalawa may ibang nakalaan."

"Patawad, paalam sating nakaraan."

Moira is undeniably a storyteller as she releases her newest single 'Patawad'. The song completes her trilogy music that was started with 'Patawad, Paalam' in collaboration with December Avenue and followed by 'Paalam' together with Ben&Ben. The double pattern of this trilogy sums up the process of letting go someone dear and setting oneself free.

Moira's composition is always timely and relatable as it pierces through the listener's hearts and crosses situations, whether it be a site of love or pain. The path dela Torre takes as a songwriter goes beyond the 'hugot' song as her golden voice tries to hook us back to the feels once more, and at the same time push us to move from a place of heartbreak to a position of hope and new beginnings.

In Moira's social media posts, she asks her followers to fill in the blank: #PatawadKung _______. This received a lot of feedback from her fans, proving that everyone has their own story to tell about setting oneself free.