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Markki Stroem shares his Work from Home experience

April 16, 2020

During these trying times, almost all companies are implementing work from home regimes to sustain and maintain everyone's businesses. Some of us may not be used to working at home, but in times like these, we have to adapt for us to be productive and for our businesses to survive.

Our very own “The Morning Rush” RX93.1 Host, Markki Stroem, has obliged us with insight on his “Work from home” scheme.

What's new with Markki Stroem?

At home getting some rnr while turning my house into a home. I still have a regular show, 2 years now on RX93.1. The Morning Rush with Chico Garcia. We trend everyday on twitter and now go live on zoom everyday to check on our listeners. I am also creating my character for the new play I will be in this year, the hotdog musical, Bongga Ka Day in Resorts World.

How do you set up for RX 93.1 Morning Rush?

Every evening we come up with the topic and record the first batch of the top 10. (We have a hashtag every day where our listeners, “the rushers”, chime in using their experiences relating to the hashtag. We comment and discuss on air.). We record the following batches via Zoom during the show from 6-10am. Our last batch is streamed on facebook live where our listeners can live comment.

How do you keep your discussion informative yet entertaining at the same time despite this global pandemic and quarantine?

We discuss topics that are current and related to what is going on in the world. We avoid politics and religion so that we don't alienate anyone. It is a show that is meant to uplift... a talk show that is informative yet comedic. Almost 24 years running, #TheMorningRush is a staple on morning radio.

What's your opinion about work from home?

Work from home has actually done wonders for the morning rush. People can now put a face to a name and get to know the hosts more as people. It is more interactive and it is a daily task that keeps me sane. Any job is something we should all be thankful for in this trying time. If i have to record for the homeoke concert series for cornerstone. I usually just record with my phone and create interesting content to uplift those who we want to protect at all costs, the frontliners.

Tips on how to be productive even if you’re home.

I work out everyday through an online program. 1.5 hours to get myself in shape for my theater Play “Bongga ka Day”. We start rehearsals in May. I have also Marie Kondoed my condo. Arranged everything that was a mess and let go of the things I needed to let go. I also do a weekly concert series called “Bahay Concert Series” where I strive to entertain those who need to turn their frowns upside down.

Thanks to Markki we had an idea on how RX 93.1 The Morning Rush doing their show. Work from home may or may not be for everyone but let's be proactive during this lockdown in other ways.