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Jayda teams up with Darren Espanto for Sana Tayo Na

August 05, 2020

Jayda once again proved that she is truly unstoppable. Her collaboration with Darren Espanto for "Sana Tayo Na" under Star Music made a big surprise to all their fans as they released their official music video last Saturday, August 1.

Right after the release, it became a trending topic on Twitter and already reached 300,000 views on Youtube on its fourth day. The single was released July 31 together with the lyric video.

This track is truly remarkable for Jayda as this was her first Tagalog song ever released and her first collaboration with Darren Espanto. DarJay fans showed their support to this two young stars who were also teased by the song title, "Sana Tayo Na".

"Sana Tayo Na" is a revival of Jayda's father Dingdong Avanzado's composition, which was originally part of his "Coming of Age" album. Dingdong and Rachelle Alejandro has a version of this song. This new version was produced by Jayda herself and the Creative Director of Star Music, Mr. Jonathan Manalo.

In an interview, the two shared their experience of shooting the music video on their own during the quarantine period. It also included some of their never before seen kulitan and kilig moments.

The music video ended with a split screen of Jayda and Darren looking at each other singing the last line of the song, "Sana Tayo Na".

For those who haven't check on this, it's now available on all digital platforms. It also landed on different Playlist on Spotify (New Music Friday and Trending Tracks). Its' official music video and lyric video is up now on Star Music Youtube Channel. Watch it now!