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Inigo Pascual’s rendition of rock classic ‘All Out of Love’ charms even its composers

February 17, 2021

You know you’ve made it as an artist when your rendition of another artist’s work--especially one that you’re a fan of-- becomes recognized and applauded by the creators themselves. In the case of Inigo Pascual, he had experienced this from iconic musical duo Air Supply when he sang to them an a cappella rendition of their 1980 monster hit, All Out Of Love. 

The duo, composed by Graham Russell and Russell Hitchcock, couldn’t help but praise Inigo’s singing talent on a ZOOM call last February 11, in which Inigo was also promoting the studio version of his rendition of the song. Russell commends Inigo’s singing ability, pointing out the ‘natural-ness’ of his vibrato, even saying that Inigo’s actual voice ‘blows his mind.’ 

“You’ve been given a great gift, and I hope throughout your career, you share it with the world. I know you will.” Graham Russell told the young musician. 

You can now listen to Inigo Pascual’s cover of Air Supply’s All Out of Love, now available on all digital streaming platforms.