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From Fat to Fit: Via Antonio's Inspiring Fitness Journey

February 13, 2020

It takes commitment, discipline, self-control and faith to succeed in this journey called fitness. And those are what Via Antonio has all taken in her pursuit of a stronger version of herself. A genuine inspiration of health and wellness, she shares on her social media accounts the process she has gone through in achieving her goals.

In her 2020 vision, she hopes to be an example to motivate others to take the healthful path. In her own words, she adds that her journey is beyond losing weight.

“I have placed value to my mental, physical and spiritual health...and even the importance of soul and self-care -  from clearer skin, great hairstyle, meditation through my relaxing massages, proper hygiene, healthier choices, altering diets and seeing a therapist to reading books and dressing up according to my mood.” Via said.

At the end of the day, she tells and encourages her followers in one Instagram post that:

"Each body has a different story. What I can inspire you is to know yours. What best works for you. Hear it, listen to it, pay attention to what your body’s telling you. Be motivated and take actions. A dream without the work, remains to be a dream.”

Aside from being an actress, host and performer, Antonio aspires to become a wellness advocate as she continuously lives a healthful lifestyle, alongside being a mental health responder.