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FAN MODE ON! Jayda interviews popular boy group, Why Dont We

November 21, 2020

Every fan girl’s dream is either to talk with their idol or if the universe collides, a chance to sing with them is extremely the biggest check on their bucket list. Luckily, singer and songwriter Jayda has checked them both.

Jayda with all her excitement shared on her latest vlog the interview she did with the popular boy group, Why Dont We.

She got the chance to talk to three of them namely Jack Avery, Corbyn Besson and Daniel Seavey. Uploaded today, November 21, all her fans celebrated her fan-girling moment.

The Avanzado’s only daughter was able to attend their concert last year and got noticed by Daniel with her social media post. And just recently, she was able to talk to them via virtual interview in relation to their latest single, Fallin (Adrenaline). During the interview, Jayda was also given the chance to sing that song with them.

Jayda has always been a successful fanatic. She was able to meet Niall Horan who is one of her idols as well.