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Catching Up with Inigo Pascual

April 27, 2020

Inigo is well known to be very close with his fans. His relationship with his followers is way much admirable. He makes sure he gets to update everyone about everything. Getting locked down in the house for over a month now didn’t stop him from keeping in touch. From time to time he goes live online for a quick chat. Just recently he made a special vlog about his new skill in cooking and surprised us with his version of ‘menudo’.

And now this! His latest treat! Three lucky fans were chosen to do a video call with Inigo and have a good surprise catch up. An exciting way to still get connected, #CatchUpWithInigo .

And making it extra special, Inigo releases a new track. After the huge international success of “Catching Feelings, here’s “Should Be Me”. A wooing symphony reminiscent of late 90s and early 2000s R&B. Inigo Pascual teams up with downtempo/R&B producer Nick Pacoli and singer-songwriter Nieman for the track’s smooth sailing ride from upbeat, dancey to a throw-it-on-back type of jam. The suave, cool, and confident vocals speak of a young man’s ask for consideration as to why out of all other choices, it should be him, showing off his eagerness for the chase. Layers in the production and in the vocals easily paints an image of an Inigo backed by his crew, as he attempts to impress a girl that soon gives into him.

This message is in touch with the rest of the compilation this single is coming from: “Options” LP: Inigo Pascual’s upcoming 10-track international album that he started in 2019, which includes multiple collaborations with producers from Manila to California.

Drumbeating the release of the single is an upcoming exclusive listening online party. More details to be announced at Inigo’s social media accounts.