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Aunt Julie a.k.a Macoy Dubs makes her first TV appearance

September 03, 2020

Thank you, inaanak! Mark Averilla better known as Macoy Dubs is without a doubt, one of the most popular social media influences  to date.

He started to make his name on social media specifically on Tiktok when he uploaded relatable contents. From being a grab driver to cashier to school registrar to government staff and other professions that we, normal people encounter everyday. Artists and other influencers posting their duets with Macoy made his name even more known.

Recently, Macoy introduced a new persona, “Auntie Julie, a cool and supportive Tita that we all loved. “Aunt Julie” is a fictional character from Poveda. Macoy uploaded a series of videos featuring Aunt Julie, Robert, her son, Cassandra, her goddaughter and her hermanas.

As clichè as it may seem but “You cannot please everyone” is a sad reality. After successfully introducing Aunt Julie, he was forced to take off his pearls when people started to call him out, ‘cancelledt’ as they name it. Fortunately, there are more people who see ‘Aunt Julie’ aka Macoy as someone they need during this time, someone who gives them hope.

As I've said in the Quarantine University, cancel the cancel culture, not the "good vibes" culture. Auntie Julie will be back

She still loves you and will be the tita who gives you wantawsan ????

— Macoy Dubs (@macoydubs1) August 21, 2020 ">

But after weeks of silence, Aunt Julie wowed her supporters and even topped the trending list on Twitter as she makes her first TV appearance on It's Showtime Wednesday, September 2. She was one of the guests on It's Showtime segment, Mas Tasting.